Have you ever wondered why some people always say the right things while others don’t? Well, the difference lies in preparation and thinking in advance about what you are going to say. The same is true about successful people: they think in advance about what they will say

At KEWOTA, we invest in research and better messaging. This year alone, KEWOTA has taken deliberate steps to make its members proud.

First, there was the successful CBC/AGM conference at KICD last week. Then today, the CEO Benta Opande, made a successful presentation before over 9 thousand principals and stakeholders gathered at Sheik Khalifa Hall in Mombasa during the 45th annual Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) conference.

The CEO urged the delegates to re-examine the future collectively during this new era of education in Kenya. “This new era has provided us with an opportunity to adopt new learning methods and strategies for a better future in education in Kenya and globally,” she said.

The CEO also apprised the delegates of the objectives of KEWOTA and how the Association is objectively interlinked with others such as KESSHA, KEPSHA, and others. She added that even though KEWOTA is not a union like KUPPET, KNUT, and KUSNET, the betterment of the education sector is a communal responsibility of all stakeholders.

Madam Benta further persuaded heads to embrace digital learning for more opportunities beyond our borders.

The Chairman of KESSHA, Kahi Indimuli thanks Benta for an erudite speech and for explaining to people what KEWOTA does.

“I am proud of you my CEO,” remarked the National Treasurer Jacinta Ndegwa.

The event brought together stakeholders from publishers, academic institutions, regulators, financial institutions, and others.